We thought for this post we would put the brakes on, pull over and have a little chat: What is Musa Masala all about and what do we do?

So here you go. Always remember you can contact us here if you have any questions. We hope you get some good answers and that you will help support our projects.

Now check out our video, Who We Are (it’s only 2.5 minutes!):

Our mission statement:

Musa Masala believes in safe, healthy and culturally aware mountain travel. With our ongoing projects in healthcare and education, we aim to enhance the experience of the outdoors for everyone from first-time hikers to experienced climbers and trekkers. We aim to help you with friendly tips for choosing the right level of activity for your experience and to help you cultivate an awareness of the culture and environment around you.

Here on the Musa Masala website, we tell stories and connect organizations and individuals who inspire all of us through their work in Nepal and around the world. We also highlight women’s issues and successes in the outdoor community.

Okay, let’s break that down…

Musa Masala is a 501c nonprofit that creates educational materials to help you and your organization stay safe and healthy when heading into the wilds. Our videos, articles, cards and social media posts feature up-to-date research and best practices from the wilderness medicine community, experts in their fields and first person experiences to help you plan and make proper decisions. Helping you prepare and access useful resources is a free service we provide.

The projects that Musa Masala is involved in revolve around relationships we have cultivated and people we believe in. Currently we are actively working on these projects. (This is where your donor money goes.)

  1. Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya, our book that started it all. Proceeds go to the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital in Nepal. Purchase a copy at our store (hint, hint!).
  2. Gary McLean and Charlie Noxon Scholorships. Two complete-degree scholarships presented yearly to local women in the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital catchment area. Currently we have one student in Nursing school and one in a radiology technician program. A future post will present the students!!
  3. Twice yearly Dental Camp at the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital with Dr. Anumesh Dahal. Each camp is a week long. 
  4. Beginners Climbing Competition, October 16th, Kathmandu Nepal at Crimpanzee Adventure Hub. Along with Wongchhu Peak Promotion and Nirvana Gear, we are sponsoring a competition for 50 climbers to promote sport climbing in Nepal.

    In addition to the above projects, we provide:

  5. Live shows on YouTube and Facebook. Coming up: Creating for Comfort, Musa Art!! And later in the year Expedition Behaviors. Our previous show include: Thom Pollard on Everest: The Great Everest Mystery, Mallory and Irvine on Everest and Who Takes the Trash Out?, the garbage situation on Mt Everest.
  6. Our website, musamasala.com, where we feature stories, interviews and the all encompassing what’s up in the Musa world. Here you will find our online store (new design coming soon!). Everything we sell besides the book pays for our operations. This ensures that all of your donation money goes directly to the project you intend for it to go to! On the site you’ll also find links to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

So that’s us. We are Musa Masala and we are here to answer your questions, provide some resources, and help you to see, go and do!

We would love your donations to help us with these projects. You can also designate Musa Masala to be your non profit of choice at Amazon Smile. Thanks for being a part of what we believe in, getting outside and helping others. Jam Jam!!