We are shattered to let you know our friend Gary McLean died Monday, June 14th, during our trip in Portland, Oregon. We had just celebrated his birthday, a wonderful evening with friends.

Gary was a Air Force Vietnam veteran, a member of the first paramedic class in Oregon, a firefighter and a nurse. He was a friend and mentor to so many. Gary showed by example that you can be a holy man without preaching, an empathetic caregiver and an enthusiastic partner to go into the world with and make it better—act by act, patient by patient, deed by deed. 

Gary McLean in Nepal

Gary was instrumental to EMS in Oregon but also in Haiti and many other places. His work in Nepal with Himalayan Medics Rescue Service, Nepal Medics, Medical Teams International, the Himalayan Yokpu Foundation and the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital will always be remembered.

Gary with the Musa team in Nepal, Pasang Sherpa, Lakpa Sherpa and Ang Diku Sherpa

With Musa Masala, Gary was going to be a major part of our nursing scholarship program and educational programs, and he was a guide for us in how to create and spread goodwill. Working with him and discussing how to approach our fundraising, our ability to work through our limitations last year during COVID, and creating one of a kind educational material was fun, and a great learning experience.

Gary teaching with International Medical Teams, in Nepal

You will hear much more about Gary McLean. And we will move forward, with Gary as our guide.

We send our love to his wife Kim, and to his family and friends around the world who will miss him so terribly. To his students, his partners in EMS and Fire and his coworkers, we hope the insight and passion that Gary brought to the job will always be with you. The world needs more people like Gary. We all have to work a little harder now.

Gary and the Musa team on Everest Base Camp Trek

In coordination with Kim, Musa Masala has started a GoFundMe in order to honor Gary and two of the projects he was working on, The Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital and our Nurses Scholarship Program. We are determined to make these projects the success they would have been with Gary using his experience and people skills. To contribute, click here.

Gary with the Musa team near Hood, Oregon

Remembering Gary, a video slideshow: