In late April of 2022 the Musa Masala team came together to celebrate the incredible lives of our friends who were involved in the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital project who so sadly and too early left this world. They all devoted their lives to helping others and strove to make the world that much better for us all — and they never got to see the finished hospital open.

We planned a puja ceremony to honor their memory and our love for them. It has taken a while but here is the video of the ceremony, filmed with permission of the monks at the Khamding Monastery in Nepal. 

Also included is a segment of the painting project in honor of Dr. Jennifer Konopka. Our painting crew of Julie Ramirez, Xindoma Chawa, Shyam Thakuri and Rudra Rai accomplished the huge task of completing the room painting and portraits of Dr. Jen and Dr. Paul Auerbach on a five-day timeline. 

We hope this video honors our friends and shows some of the beauty of the ceremony.

Thanks to everyone at the Khamding Monastery, Wongchhu Peak Promotion, and the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Tapting.

Credit for filming goes to Jaman Shakya and Bibek Bartaula. Beautiful work, guys!

Our friends,

Wongchhu Sherpa
Paul Auerbach 
Jennifer Konopka
Gary McLean 
Megan Rand