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3 Ways to Prepare for Your Hike or Expedition

Is there anything worse than a leaking tent, broken shoelace or ripped rain gear when you are on an extended trip? There may be a few worse things, but unexpected happenings that come up on a climb or hike or expedition often make the difference between a no problem moment or really bad, foul time.

Let’s Clean Up Nepal: Interview with Raj Shrestha

We are back with our friend, Raj Shrestha. Raj is a busy man! Today we are going to focus on his Save the Mountains Project. Cleaning trash off the mountains is part of Raj’s passion. You may remember him as one of the experts in our Who Takes the Trash Out? show. These kinds of

What is Search and Rescue? with Angela Widler, PA-C

Search and Rescue, SAR. What exactly is it? And who are these people who mostly volunteer to spend their free time looking for lost or injured people in the outdoors? Is there anything scarier than being lost, cold, hungry and tired? Well maybe a few things, like squirrels gnawing at your fingers. But aside from