Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya

About the Book

Our book, Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya, is the story of an orphan Sherpa girl who leaves her village and finds adventure as she treks to Everest Base Camp. Through her travels, Musa meets new friends, learns about the world around her and realizes how she can make a difference by following her own path and pursuing dreams she never before knew were possible.

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What Others Are Saying About Musa Masala:

“I had tears in my eyes from the outset. The inspiring and transformative journey of a lovable little homeless girl is an inspiration for us all… Musa learns that there are no limits on how far she can go in life. Such a wonderful tale for today’s children, young and old.”

— Thom Pollard, climber, cinematographer and writer

“An adventurous treat… Musa will take you on a journey… Wongchhu [Sherpa] fought for the underdog and committed his life to serving those less fortunate.  I have a feeling little Musa might, too.”

— Dr Luanne Freer, Founder of Everest ER

“Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya is inspired in part by the life of my friend Wongchhu Sherpa. This book springs from his idea of doing something for the greater benefit of others. Wongchhu would be pleased to see Musa making her way to Everest Base Camp and learning the lessons he himself learned along the way.”

— David Breshears, climber, author, cinematographer, producer of Everest IMAX, Everest (2014)

“Living in Himalayan region is a heavenly experience that no one can ever forget in his/her whole life. And if you haven’t experienced the mountainous feeling then, you can also feel it by reading the adventurous book so called Musa Masala… Being a mountainous girl, I have also gone through the same situation and it’s all about patience, positivity and love towards your passion that takes to overcome every steps of life…If you are interested in reading biography then I assure that no one will later regret for buying and reading her inspirational story.”

— Maya Sherpa, President of Everest Summiteers Association and Vice-President of Nepal Mountaineering Association

“This charming story of adventure, self discovery, and new friendships follows the pilgrimage of Musa Masala to the magical, mountainous world of the Khumbu. Whether you have been to the Himalaya or not, don’t hesitate to pick up this book and join Musa on her extraordinary journey.”

— Willie Benegas, International mountain guide, most ascents of Mount Everest by a Western climber

“This precious tale inspires us to journey together, to always be philanthropic in spirt and action. Exuberance and adventure transform into confidence and accomplishments. We will build this hospital for the amazing, resilient people of Nepal, not just because we loved Wongchhu, but because at some time in our lives, we are all Musa Masala.”

— Dr. Paul Auerbach, author of The Wilderness Medicine Guidebook and Enviromedics

“I found Musa Masala very inspiring because Musa achieved many things that girls of her age believe they cannot obtain and found meaning for her life. I suggest that everyone look at this book and learn more about the Himalayan region, as well as Musa’s journey.”

— Ang Diku Sherpa, Manager of Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd. and Himalayan Yokpu Foundation member

“Musa Masala is a visual voyage with rich illustrations in boldly satisfying color schemes that capture the wild spirit of Musa’s journey itself. Dramatic compositions give us wide panning, cinematic views: the paths Musa travels, towering Himalayan peaks and spectacular temple interiors… The spirit of Musa Masala’s story has so much to teach us about trekking through life: the path is long and challenging, but the rewards are great.”

— Aaron Johnson, Artist, educator and painter

Musa Masala is an illustrated book, but pictures of Musa’s actual friends and surroundings are used by the artist to help in the making of the book. Here are her friends:

Musa’s friend LhoLa
Musa’s friend LhoLa
Rokpu the Yak
Rokpu the Yak
More yak friends!
More yak friends!
Namche Bazaar, Musa's home and where she starts her trek!
Namche Bazaar, Musa’s home and where she starts her trek!
Tengboche Monastery
Tengboche Monastery
Musa's friends, traveling through her village, Namche Bazaar
Musa’s friends, traveling through her village, Namche Bazaar
Mount Ama Dablam, amazing sight on the Everest trek, site of book 2! Stay tuned…