Celebrating the Open Lead Climbing Competition at Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center, 2024

Musa Masala is so proud to have been a part of the March 9th Open Lead Climbing Championship at Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center. We co-sponsored the event with our friends at Wongchhu Peak Promotion. We did this for a very simple reason: to allow indoor climbers in Nepal to compete and challenge each other to grow

Acupuncture in the Wilderness: Q&A with Cami Hobbs

There’s nothing better than mixing your love of the outdoors with your profession. When it’s your job and it helps you to bring an added resource into a wilderness adventure, that’s pretty cool. Musa Masala welcomes our friend Cami Hobbs, MAOM,DAOM, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), L.Ac.  We met Cami at the Wilderness Medical Society’s Winter Conference

Musa Invites Climbers to Hattiban!

Following the Musa Masala Lead Climbing Competition at the Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center (KSCC –  our post on the competition is coming soon!!), Musa Masala and Wongchhu Peak Promotion welcomed all the competitors and anyone from KSCC who wanted to come for a day of rock climbing at Hattiban, a local crag an hour outside