The Sherpa people live in the Khumbu region of Eastern Nepal, also called the Everest region, for it includes Mount Everest, the “Forehead in the Sky.” At 8,848 meters, Everest is the world’s tallest mountain.

Ang Phula Sherpa and Kunga Sherpa at Everest Base Camp
Ang Phula Sherpa and Kunga Sherpa at Everest Base Camp

The Sherpa people are famous for their impeccable mountaineering skills. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary were the first to summit Mount Everest. The Sherpa people are an integral part of Himalayan climbing and trekking. Many work each year in various expeditions as leaders, guides and porters. Sherpa people also own and work at teahouses, shops and outfitters along the trekking routes.

Many Sherpa people climb mountains and enjoy adventure activities. The tourism industry in Nepal has given Sherpa climbers and guides the opportunity to travel abroad to many other parts of the world through friendships made with foreigners on mountaineering expeditions.

Kunga Sherpa
Kunga Sherpa

Did you know that many Sherpa names are chosen in accordance with the day of the week you were born?

Sunday – Ngima

Monday – Dawa

Tuesday – Mingmar

Wednesday – Lhapka

Thursday – Furbu or Furi

Friday – Pasang

Saturday – Pemba or Peri ferries

— Furi Sherpa, known as “Kunga” to friends and family

Trekking and mountain Porter