Musa Masala originally started as a book, the proceeds of which would help fund a hospital for people of the lower Khumbu Valley in Nepal. Since the first conversations in Pheriche on our way to Mt. Everest Base Camp, the Musa team has taken to heart the ideas of the late Wongchhu Sherpa, including this: Take your blessings and good works and bring them to people and places that have helped you in your success.

The Musa team has watched the hospital go from an idea to a three-building hospital compound that will serve a population of over 30,000. This has been a monumental effort. We would like to introduce you to those involved and show you a timeline of its construction.

Proceeds of Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya support the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital:

The hospital will have an emergency room, an OB/GYN suite, an inpatient care floor, living quarters for the staff and a pharmacy building that will also contain visiting eye doctors, dentists and rotating specialists.

Drs. Paul Auerbach, Luanne Freer and Eric Johnson, with the Wilderness Medical Society, created the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital fund. The steering committee also includes Drs. Arthur Islas and Robert Quinn.

The official opening of the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital will take place on October 4th, 2020.

To see promotional videos for the hospital, visit these links:

Ultrasound now at the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital!

Our Promo on the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Premieres

A New Short Film: The Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital

The construction, establishment and administration of the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital will be overseen by the Himalayan Yokpu Foundation. 

The Himalayan Yokpu Foundation was established in honor of the contributions of social work Yokpu Sherpa, by the belief that every generation must be encouraged to study and to preserve the lifestyle of the Himalayan region and its natural heritages. The foundation is the brainchild of tourism entrepreneur and social worker Wongchhu Sherpa, the youngest son of late Yokpu Sherpa, and dedicated to establishing a hospital in his home village. The HYF Executive Committee includes Lakpa Sherpa, Pem Dorjee Sherpa, Phula Sherpa, Mingmar Sherpa, Sami Sherpa, Ang Diku Sherpa and Ngawang Furi Sherpa.

We’re pleased to join these organizations in supporting the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital:

Everest ER

Everest ER is a project of The Himalayan Rescue Association, established in 2003 by Dr. Luanne Freer. Its mission is to provide altitude experienced compassionate quality healthcare to all at the Mount Everest basecamp. The Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) was formed in 1973 with an objective to reduce casualties in the Nepal Himalayas. The HRA supports three seasonal aid posts in Manang, Pheriche and Mt Everest basecamp.

Wongchhu Peak Promotion

Founded by the late Wongchhu Sherpa, Wongchhu Peak Promotion is one of the leading government recognized trekking and mountaineering agencies in Nepal that leads treks and supports filming in the country. Wongchhu Peak Promotion is a long-time partner of Everest ER and the Wilderness Medical Society. Along with WMS, Wongchhu Peak Promotion is spearheading the building of the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital.

Wilderness Medical Society

Created in 1983, the Wilderness Medical Society is the world’s leading organization dedicated to the community of wilderness medicine. WMS is a non-profit membership society whose mission is to advance healthcare, research and education, while providing advice and guidance to medical personnel working in wilderness or back country environments.

Proceeds of our book, Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya, support the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital: