Welcome to our Good Trekker, Safe Climber series, where we talk about becoming that model trekker! Our aim is to help you gain important information before you go to Nepal, or wherever you may travel, and get on the trail. We hope to make your adventure much more enjoyable by helping to keep you healthy, happy and fit for the time of your life. Our experts in climbing, hiking, travel and medicine are happy to sort this all out for you.

The Good Trekker: An Introduction

Ten Considerate and Thoughtful Tips For Trekking In Nepal

Altitude Illness: Tips to Stay Healthy

Myths About Altitude Illness Debunked

Trekking in Nepal: A Gentleman’s Guide on What to Bring

Rock Climbing Safety: 5 Proven Ways to Prevent Accidents

Rattlesnake Safety Tips: A Venomous Snake Tutorial

How to Fit a Backpack Properly

Musa Masala at Everest Base Camp: The Everest ER Interview



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