Once again the Musa team visited Everest ER, the medical tent run by the Himalayan Rescue Association to treat climbers, porters, guides and staff at Mt. Everest Base Camp.

The following video features an interview that Lakpa Sherpa and Dr. Jennifer Konopka did with Dr. Suvash Dawadi and Dr. Subarna Adhikari while they worked at the clinic during the 2018 climbing season. A great footnote is that this was the first year two Nepali doctors worked together at Base Camp. They were joined by Dr. Brenton Systermans from Australia. Check out our interview with him here.

We are so happy this awesome team sat down with us to talk about trek and climbing preparation. The subjects include everything from the dangers of altitude illness and keeping it from ruining your mountain adventure to sanitation, personal care and how to prevent the dreaded Khumbu cough!

Also, if you can get your hands on it, the latest edition of the Wilderness Medical Society’s Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal (Volume 30, number 2, 2019) includes a case report by Dr’s Dawadi and Adhikari about a patient at Everest ER with HAPE who, after treatment and evacuation, came back and summited Everest and Lhotse, then ran the Everest marathon!

Thanks, everyone. We hope you picked up some good tips here. Jam Jam!


The series of interviews from Everest ER is very special to us. We lost Dr. Jennifer Konopka, aka Dr. Jen, in July. We miss her and hope these videos give everyone a glimpse of the brilliant person we will always remember. See our thoughts about Jen here.