Welcome to the second post in the Good Trekker series! We are using the words considerate and thoughtful because we believe these are key approaches to make your trek more, fun, safe and memorable. Thinking about and being considerate of your surroundings and the people you interact with is essential for a successful experience.

High above the Khumbu Glacier, trekking to Mount Pumori Base Camp


So here they are, in no particular order, each carrying its own weight:

1. Never litter. Carry a bag for your trash and others,’ then dispose of it all properly.

 trekking nepal trash bins
This trash bin, and others like it throughout Sagmartha National Park, were designed and donated by Wongchu Sherpa.


2. Always walk to the left of stupas, gompas and mani stones. This shows respect for the Buddhist religion.

trekking Nepal
These Good Trekkers know to keep to the left of the mani stones.


3. Bring your water bottles and fill them with treated or boiled water. Do not buy plastic bottles. There is no recycling and they pile up everywhere. (But otherwise, spend locally!)

4. Take some time before your trek to learn some local history, and bring a phrase book to practice what you learn with your guides and people you meet. They will appreciate the effort, and it will help connect you to them.

5. Share your trail snacks with others. You’ll make some friends!


This Good Trekker shares his candy and makes friends for life.


6. Always accept an invite to tea. It’s good manners.

7. Allow pack animals the right of way. Never get on a swinging bridge with anything bigger than a dog on it. (Trust us on this one!)

yak trek nepal
Good Trekkers cross a swinging bridge. Note the lack of yaks!


8. Ask before taking someone’s photo. How would you like a stranger coming up and taking your picture???


This Good Trekker asked first, and look how nice it turned out!
This Good Trekker asked first, and look how nice it turned out!


9. Take your shoes off before going into a monastery, or someone’s home. This is another sign of respect.

10. Come with a great attitude and an open mind. You will leave with an even better one.


Good attitudes go a long way.
Good attitudes go a long way.


Extra credit tip: Don’t poke the guy behind you with your trekking poles when you stop suddenly, bend over and put your poles under your arms. Caution, you all will do this! And it hurts!