Board of Directors 


Michael McLaughlin, Musa Masala President & EMS Provider

Tatiana Havryliuk, MD, Musa Masala Vice President & Emergency Physician

KM Huber, Author, Storyteller and Musa Masala Secretary

Binod Mani, Board Member, outdoor clothing manufacturer, mountaineer and community leader in Nepal

Ang Diku Sherpa, Board Member & Manager at Wongchhu Peak Promotion and Trekking Guide

Julie Ramirez, Board Member, Graphic Artist and Illustrator of Musa Masala

Maighdlin Anderson, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Musa Masala Healthcare Scholarship Program Coordinator


Team members

Linda Andrus, RN, Emergency/Expedition Nurse

Lakpa Sherpa, Board Member & Managing Director of Wongchhu Peak Promotion

Ang Dawa Sherpa, Senior Trekking Guide and Climbing Consultant

Hannah Dennison, Teacher & Helicopter Technician

Kunga Sherpa, Teacher & Trekking Guide

Olga Dubroanowski, MD, Musa Super Athlete

Phula Sherpa, Senior Trekking Guide

Sarah Frances McClure, DO, Emergency Medicine Resident, Paramedic

Susanne Cheree Ellis, Artist, Painter & Paramedic

Yogi Subedi, MBBS, DiMM, Expedition Doctor

Super Phula, Musa Masala trekking and climbing consultant

Lakpa Xindoma Chyawa, Nurse and Painter, Musa Masala healthcare scholarship group member


Memorial tributes

Dr. Jennifer Konopka 

Our friend and inspiration, Dr. Jen, left us on July 4, 2019, after her battle with cancer. Please click here for our story about her. We miss her every day.

Gary McLean EMTP, RN

Our friend, Gary McLean, left us on June 14, 2021. Learn more about Gary in our tribute blog post. We will keep Gary’s empathy and caring for his patients and others with us every day.

Megan Rand

Megan Rand was a Physician’s Assistant and Paramedic. She passed on July 5th, 2021 from cancer, at just 38. We have no words for how this could happen to such a wonderful and caring person. Learn more about Megan here.