Everest: Who Takes the Trash Out?

The environmental situation on the Mountain and in the Sagarmatha National Park. We are back with a new show! Want to know about who is out there making effort to clean up the park and mountain? Want to know a little history of the cleanup operations over the years? Did you know there have been

Writer Published on July 1, 2021
Remembering Dr. Paul Auerbach

From all of us at Musa Masala, we send our love and biggest hugs and unending gratitude to the family and friends of Dr. Paul Auerbach. Paul left us last week, after a year’s battle with a brain tumor. Battle he did to the end, facing his future and walking right up to it. Few

Writer Published on June 23, 2021
Remembering Gary McLean

We are shattered to let you know our friend Gary McLean died Monday, June 14th, during our trip in Portland, Oregon. We had just celebrated his birthday, a wonderful evening with friends. Gary was a Air Force Vietnam veteran, a member of the first paramedic class in Oregon, a firefighter and a nurse. He was