Every father has their own dream for their children, but my father’s dreams were especially unique. My father, the late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa, was born in a remote area of the Everest region, Tapting-1, Chyangba Village. He breathed his last breath at age 48 in December, 2015.

He was not only my father, but with the way he helped others, many saw him as their own godfather. Because his ideas were dynamic and progressive, he became iconic.

With my father
With my father

He was born in a remote region where there is a lack of education, electricity and health facilities. Because of this, he came back to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, to make his dreams of making a difference come true.

His positive thinking and hard work led him to be a founder, advisor and lifetime member in various organizations. He was energetic, supportive, a good communicator and did lots of social work.

Due to sudden health problems, he was unable to continue his work and dreams. There is a Nepal proverb: “Manisko sarir bhaneko anna ra paniko sarir ho.” It means that the human body is composed of food and water, that both play a significant role in human life. Being busy in his work and contributions to the society, he faced many challenges. He had no time for meals or self-care. I believe these mistakes led to his health problems and later took his life.

When he was well, his accomplishments were many. He brought the dark village into the light by creating a hydropower energy source. He built a school for children. He realized that many people were dying in the village, due to the lack of a hospital. So, he decided to establish better hospital facilities. But unfortunately, he could not complete it. His last dream is to build a grand hospital in Tapting, Solukhumbu, where people will not need to walk a day to receive better treatment.

At his last breath of his life, he was still voicing concern about his dreams, plans and goals for the village. My eyes were full of tears when he said that.

The hospital will be built, and I hope many village people will get health services there. It is his incomplete project but we will make it complete within few years. After completing his last project, his soul may rest in peace in the lap of God in Heaven.

He is far from us, but also his soul and memory are forever with us. He always raised a strong voice against corruption and played an important role in the tourism sector of Nepal.

Many Sherpa people depend on this tourism for their survival. He has created many opportunities for Sherpa climbers, including helping to ensure climbing guide insurance, mountain cleaning camps and Mount Everest expeditions and more. He wanted to provide golden opportunities for the young generation through tourism industry.

Even in the end, he dreamed aloud of the hospital.

I feel very proud to be a daughter of my father. Right now I am handling my father’s business, and at the same time, I get to meet and coordinate with many friends of my father and I feel very happy about this.

I feel my father is with me and guiding me in each and every step of my life. He always encouraged, motivated and inspired me to be strong, and inspired me with the proverb that says, “Failure is the pillar of success.”

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank friends of my father, the entire team of the Wilderness Medical Society, Everest ER and Dr.Luanee Freer, Dr. Eric Johnson, Dr. Paul Auerbach, Dr. Loren Greenway, Musa Masala and Giripremi. We really appreciate your outstanding commitment and invaluable support for raising funds to build the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital.

There is another proverb: “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die the world cries and rejoices.” With the help and support of you all, we are able to begin my father’s dream project. Thanks everyone for your warm company as a family.

With due respect to my father, Wongchhu Sherpa

— Lapka Sherpa