Musa Masala is starting the new year off right! With the success of our first climbing competition, we are proud to announce that we are entering into a sponsorship agreement with one of the judges, Panchamaya Tamang. She is well-known in Nepal and one of the up and coming indoor climbers in the country.  We’re also pleased to present the completed video featuring our first climbing competition, which took place in October, 2022. 

We have agreed to help Panchamaya participate in and make her way to as many competitions as possible. We have the shared goals of bringing indoor climbing to the forefront in Nepal, to increase exposure for the sport and advance a new generation of competitive climbers that can represent Nepal to the world.

To help Panchamaya reach her potential, we will be asking for donor support. To support her in competitions outside of Nepal, we’ll need your help. You can make a tax-deductible donation here

Panchamaya Tamang with Lakpa Sherpa and Ang Diku Sherpa representing Wongchhu Peak Promotion and Musa Masala

We are happy to announce her first competition took place in January in Singapore, where she placed in the semi-finals. (Congratulations, Panchamaya!) We’ll share a complete blog post and interview about the experience soon!

Panchamaya with Lakpa Sherpa and Mike Ji at the Musa Masala Beginners Climbing Competition, which she helped organize and judge

Thanks to our friends Jaman, Bibek and Anup, who filmed the competition for us. Everyone at Musa Masala hopes this video will be special for all the participants, volunteers and everyone who attended to enjoy the memories. 

Lakpa Sherpa of Wongchhu Peak Promotion and Panchamaya as she prepares to leave to compete in Singapore

The date for next year’s competition is November 6, 2023! It will be an intermediate level competition. Start climbing everybody — get ready!!! There will be cash prizes for the top four in each class, and other great prizes from our co-sponsors. Jam Jam!! And climb on!!

Panchamaya Tamang with Binod Mani of Nirvana Gears. Nirvana Gears is supplying the custom Musa climbing jersey and pants for competitions!