Happy New Year from Musa Masala! The very first thing we would like to do is wish everyone a 2021 that allows us to share and grow in health and happiness while helping others. We feel we are getting off to a good start, finishing 2020 with a great fundraiser. In concert with Dr. Paul Auerbach, we passed our matching mark and raised $5,000 for the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital in a little under a week. Thanks to all who donated and our Musa team who worked to get the word out last minute. 

On December 30th, the board of directors for the Himalayan Yokpu Foundation, along with local officials, met at the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital to place a statue of Wongchhu Sherpa in front of the main building. Monks blessed the statue and it was unveiled to the crowd. This is a great ceremonial marker for the construction of the hospital. COVID-19 has set back the process of opening as a full hospital, but with a health clinic now working on the grounds, every step brings us closer to fulfilling Wongchhu’s dream for the people of the SoluKhumbu. 

Here are some photos of the dedication ceremony. We will continue to update you as we move forward.

With our fundraising success and now the dedication of this beautiful statue and plaque to Wongchhu Sherpa, we feel we are starting off 2021 on the right foot, even with all the other issues trying to trip us up. Musas are agile and we don’t trip easy! Jam Jam