2020 was not a great year for many things; one of them was fundraising. As we crawl to the exit, we have one more task to complete on our Musa calendar. We are joining with our friend, Dr. Paul Auerbach, to help in the funding for the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital. 

The Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital

Dr. Auerbach is the world’s leading expert on Wilderness Medicine. He is the author of The Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine and Medicine for the Outdoors, and the coauthor of Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health, with Dr. Jay Lemery, which you can read about here. Check out his books via our Musa book page here

 Dr. Paul Auerbach with Dr Tatiana Havryliuk and Julie Ramirez (illustrator of Musa Masala) with Mt Ama Dablam in the background

Paul is a founding member of the Wilderness Medical Society. Paul was also a longtime friend of Wongchhu Sherpa, and along with Dr. Luanne Freer and Dr. Eric Johnson he has dedicated himself to the hospital project, now under the leadership of Lakpa Sherpa, Wongchu’s daughter. Read here all about it!

The fundraiser is simple. Click here to donate! 

Follow the simple prompts to donate any amount you wish and we will send you a notification and thank you for your tax exempt donation. All donations for this tax year meet the criteria.

You can also go from our Facebook or Instagram where you click the link and boom you are in donation land! 

Here is the really good part,  from December 21 – December 28, Paul will meet all donation amounts until we reach our goal of $2000. So let’s help him help us to help the hospital! $4000 can be a great help to the facility. Thanks for any support.

Dr. Paul Auerbach with Lakpa Sherpa, Phula Sherpa and Mike Ji in Tengboche, Nepal

This donation doubling will go for one week, so please take a moment to  bring permanent and vital healthcare to the lower Solukhumbu region. Let’s make Wongchhu Sherpa’s dream a reality.

We wish you a safe and healthy season. We hope for a blessed 2021 and we are so thankful for you.

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