This year we wanted to put something special together for the end of the year. We wish you all health, happiness and a brighter future. We celebrate all who have sacrificed so much this year to help others, to save lives and to comfort the sick. All of us at Musa Masala send our prayers and deepest sympathies to anyone who has lost friends or family this year.

So, we are offering a specially-priced gift package! We hope you find it a fun way to introduce a friend or loved one to Musa Masala, the beauty of Nepal and the adventure of going to new places and enjoying different cultures when you safely can.

Our gift package includes:

A copy of our book, Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya — An orphan Sherpa girl’s journey of discovery, beautifully illustrated by Julie Ramirez. Proceeds of the book go to the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital.

A Musa Masala Bandana, with your color choice of blue, green or red. Imprinted with our logo and the Nepali proverb, “We ourselves have to create our destiny,” in Sanskrit.

A blue Musa Masala tote bag – great for work, groceries and gym gear

A Musa Masala Holiday Card – with art from a panel from our book, a blank interior and the Musa logo on the back

A Musa Masala sticker – 4 x 4”, in red

The normal price for these items would be $75, if you purchased them separately. We are offering our gift package for only $50.

Visit our Musa store on our website here or through our Facebook or Instagram page.

Thank you for your support of our projects to promote safe, healthy and culturally aware mountain travel and our continuing fundraising for the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital

Musa Masala is a Utah-based 501c nonprofit organization. For donating, you’ll receive a thank you receipt. If you wish to make a donation as a gift, we will send a specially crafted card by email to the person you designate.

We wish everyone a wonderful time, embracing all traditions and celebrations of the season. Jam Jam!!