Dr. Jennifer Konokpa sent us this post about the Summer WMS conference, where Musa Masala had a fundraising table for the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital. We had a very successful time helping the fund, and we had fun. One of the highlights for us was hearing Luis Benitez, an inspiring Everest summitter, speak. We made sure he got a Musa shirt for his fine effort!

Dr. Jen Konopka hands over the fundraising to Loren Greenway, CEO of the Wilderness Medicine Society — pictured here with Mike and Tatiana of the Musa team


When I was asked if I might write a few paragraphs about the Musa Masala Wonchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital fundraising table at the WMS Summer meeting in Breckenridge, I immediately emailed back and enthusiastic “yes!” However, when reality set in I thought, Oh no! Oh my! I’m going to have to admit that I can’t write a complete sentence. (As many healthcare providers know, sentences charted are often less prose and fragments, which makes creative writing exercise a shift in gears!)  I shall now do my best to make my eighth grade English teacher proud.
I have been going to WMS conferences for about 10 years. This year’s summer conference was quite good. It was an exchange of experiences and ideas. The varied topics were timely and provided up-to-date information that I have taken back to my patients. I saw plenty of familiar faces, which added to the sense of camaraderie.  I also saw an equal number of new faces, which added to the freshness. The WMS is going strong.


Jen, Linda and Tatiana on duty

I had the opportunity to be at the Musa Masala table with Mike, Tatiana and Linda. The idea of having a table at the conference worked out so well.  I look forward to helping again at future conferences.  I felt so much joy and energy there, and appreciated the generosity people had when they stopped by. Everyone had thoughtful questions and related interesting personal stories. I enjoyed hearing about others as much as discussing why the table was there.


Dr. Christopher Tedeschi and Dr Martin Musi. Stay tuned for Dr Musi’s interview on the Patagonia Remote Medical Expedition (PRME).


I had many conversations  about Wongchu Sherpa. He is an inspiration for me! It is truly possible for one person to have a significant and lasting impact on others.

Among the many things Wongchu accomplished, he established a school, which I visited on the 2016 Nepal trek. His dream of helping minds and bodies resonates with me. I want to do what I can to help fulfill his goal of building a hospital in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. This project is by Nepali people for Nepali people. The WMS and Stanford University are helping the project, but the actual plans and construction are under the direction of Ang Phula Sherpa, Wongchu’s nephew.

The conference was a great time made even better, knowing how we are helping to fulfill Wongchu’s dream.



Thanks, Dr. Jen! We have to say, most of the energy you were feeling we think came from you! You were amazing and we look forward to the Winter WMS conference Feb 24 – 28, 2018 in Lake Tahoe. Musa Masala will once again have a fundraising table for the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital, and we are so excited to see you there.