No one wants to spend their whole life on the streets without love, care, food or clothing. Not only do all people deserve a better life than this, but animals do, too. The stray dogs of Katmandu cannot help themselves, so we must give them love, care and affection.

Nepal dog

The life of a street dog in Nepal is difficult. There is little in the way of hope for them, as they are often abandoned and abused, left starving and their puppies fare even worse.

One charity I have recently found that is doing a tremendous job supporting street dogs is Sneha’s Care Foundation—one of the best animal welfare charities in Nepal. Established in 2014 by animal advocate Sneha Shrestha, it strives to protect stray dogs from the poor outcome of life on the streets in Kathmandu.

Sneha Shrestha began her outreach after the death of her beloved puppy, which was inhumanely poisoned. In memory of her dog, she began giving biscuits to street dogs she met. One day she took it upon herself to bring home a dog who was in desperate need of medical attention. Before long, she had seven dogs living in her home!

Nepal street dogs

She then decided to open a rescue in Sirjana Marga. She rented an open lot and built shelters and dog runs. It is extremely difficult to run such a place and Sneha uses her own funds to do so.

Rescuing street dogs is not easy. Many of the dogs have been tortured and abused, so it is difficult to gain their trust during and after a rescue. It takes a lot of time, and a lot of food, to turn these animals around. Sneha prepares warm food that includes a mix of rice, chicken, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. The dogs love it!

I had been wanting to visit Sneha’s Care Foundation for quite some time, and when I did I was so happy! I saw dogs playing with one another. They were so friendly and loved playing with us, too.

Nepal street dogs

So many dogs come to Sneha’s Care Foundation with serious medical problems from street life and many were abandoned by their owners because they had fallen ill. Sneha’s provides medical care for them all.

I feel it should not be just Sneha’s job to rescue and bring these dogs back to health, but the duty of us all. I was so moved I returned with my friends to donate blankets, biscuits, shampoo and soap. I hope our efforts will improve the lives of these dogs. If you can help, please contact Sneha’s Care Foundation. Even if you cannot help please, do not ever harm innocent street dogs because everyone deserves a second chance.

To make a donation to Sneha’s Care Foundation, click here!

Nepal street dogs

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— Ang Diku Sherpa