Current events we feel are significant in medicine, outdoor recreation and our environment.

Hey everyone, today we are starting a new monthly post where we will highlight recent news events, stories and research we feel may be valuable or entertaining for you. We will try to provide a variety of information, so it’s not too light or heavy. Let’s see if we can create a perfect blend to inform and entertain without bumming you out too much!

First up we have this story from The Atlantic. A really good insight into the freight train impact of COVID onto our hospital workers: Why Health-Care Workers are Quitting in Droves

Next, from CNN, is an awesome story of a 12-year-old Boy Scout who uses his outdoor and first aid skills to help a couple and their dog.

This story, via The Associated Press, shows the relationship of our changing climate to illness and increased hospital visits. 

And here you can find The Lancets 2021 climate report that tracks the link between climate change health.