Have you ever been to New Hampshire? What a beautiful state. The White Mountain Range is absolutely amazing—rugged, colorful and so easy to get to! But best of all, New Hampshire has Thom Pollard.

After our first two shows on our Facebook/YouTube, we decided we need to sit down with Thom to start planning our next round of shows. His proximity to Mt. Washington sealed it and we headed north for some some hiking and serious planning sessions.

From the start, Thom and Kristen, Thom’s girlfriend and a super athlete, were simply amazing.

We learned a lot, had fun and planned future Musa Masala projects and shows. We spent hours on a call with Suzanne, planning our class, Creating For Comfort, which will premiere at the Wilderness Medical Society’s Winter Conference on Feb 28th. If you are going, sign up for this class. It’s gonna be fun and eye opening! 

One of the more important things we wanted to accomplish was to do a series of interviews for our upcoming shows, the story of our book, Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya, and cover the mission of Musa Masala as a nonprofit. 

Thom is such a good interviewer. He led a wonderful one with Julie, about her creation of the Musa logo, artwork and style from the bits and pieces we had given her. Julie’s talents are much of the reason we are here today. Her creations are the bedrock we use for all of our projects.

People in New Hampshire are very crafty and use their skills to create wonderful items like this birch bark headband.

Thom got everyone to open up on the topic of why Musa Masala exists and why we formed this nonprofit. (Watch for the answers on upcoming shows!)

Tatiana described the gathering well, saying it was “what we needed for our mental health [and] felt really good to reunite with everyone, to be inspired and to be in beautiful nature along with outstanding comic relief!” Julie said, “Same sentiments. Such beautiful surroundings, in equal parts rain and shine, sunlight and starry night.”

So we are so very excited to share some of the sights and sounds of our Pilgrimage to Pollard, and a bit of what we hope will entertain you and allow us to bring you some amazing programs next year.

To use two of Thom’s favorite wrods, it was epic, and stoked.

New Hampshire has some of the most dynamic seasonal changes. The trees put on a real show. We were a little late for the big show but check out this photo! 

And of course there’s an app for that. To stay up to date and on time for your foliage festivities check out this site.

In closing, New Hampshire is awesome! Make your way and you won’t be disappointed.

We give big thanks and shouts to Thom and Kirsten for putting up with us. We will be bringing you some great material from our mountain meetup and we are looking forward to sharing these inspirations with you all.

Jam Jam!!

The White Mountains of New Hampshire offer so many great places for hiking, climbing and skiing. Here Thom will go over a totally awesome 3D map of the area and point out with his giant finger some of the highlights, pay attention!!

Thom Pollard has survived mad weather in Alaska on Denali, the heights of Mt Everest, avalanches and even a reed boat in the ocean!! Here he shows one of his survival methods to catch a blissful nap while in the wild.