Musa Masala is going live! On May 20th, EST, we are opening our new Facebook Live Series with mountaineer, cinematographer and spiritual adventurer Thom Pollard.  The topic will be The Great Everest Mystery, Mallory and Irvine.

Thom Pollard is uniquely qualified to talk about the great Everest mystery. The high altitude cameraman for the 1999 expedition that found the body of the legendary George Mallory (Conrad Anker actually found him), he was also on the 2019 expedition for Nat Geo that searched for Andrew Irvine and was made into the film Lost On Everest, and the book by Mark Synnott, The Third Pole. Thom also summited himself in 2016 with his friend, Lhakpa Sherpa.

Coming down from the summit. Mt Everest, Nepal, May 22, 2016. Moon out, passing climbers going up.

The Musa team is super excited for these interactive, multimedia programs. Thom is going to give his perspective on the 1924 expedition where George Mallory and Andrew Irvine went missing on the North side of Everest in Tibet. (Did they make it to the top? What happened? Come to our show for Thoms thoughts!) He’ll also explore his own experiences on the 1999 and 2019 expeditions, sharing his knowledge and taking questions at the end. 

Adding to the excitement of the program, we will have a five-question quiz about Everest on the screen. The winner will get a free copy of Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalaya, with a bookmark signed by the authors and illustrator Julie Ramirez.

Thom Pollard

We’ll also have a prize for the winner of a raffle of people who pre-register for the event! So much to win, so much to learn!! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on how to pre-register.

At our recommended book section here, you can find some great resources for your own exploration of Mt Everest. Once you get started on this mystery, you’ll want to go deep.

Be sure to check out our second show where Thom will take on the Environmental challenges of Everest. How clean is it up there and what is being done about it? That will take place on June 17th!!!

To join this free event, simply visit our Facebook page @MusaMasala2016 or YouTube page here on Thursday, May 20th at 8pm EST.

Everest Base Camp, North side Tibet, 2019

To contact Thom Pollard about projects or speaking engagements, visit his website: