Walk a mile in my shoes, just wear ’em longer before you go trekking! That’s the unknown verse to a great Elvis song. Don’t make the same mistake! Here are some tips for keeping your feet ready for the mileage.

Blisters are annoying, painful and have the potential to ruin a perfect trip. Save your feet and your trip by following these simple steps!

5 Ways to Prevent Blisters

1 Break in your hiking shoes. Never wear a new pair on a big trip no matter how snazzy they might look and how well they are reviewed. Your feet are unique. It takes at least 2-3 hikes to let your shoes mold to your feet. 

2 Keep your feet clean and dry by cleaning your feet each night and wearing wicking socks (wool is great!). 

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3 If your feet tend to sweat, consider applying foot powder. 

4 Slide the heels all the way back and tighten the laces on the downhills to prevent toe bang and blisters. 

Here is a great way to lock in your heel by changing your lacing. Shot in Nepal on our Dudhkunda trek with Rich, and Julie’s foot!

5 If you know you get hotspots in certain areas, consider these remedies:

  • Use lubricating paste (like Glide) to reduce friction.
  • Wear silk liner socks, or even better get the double-layered seamless tube socks. Liner socks do add some bulk, so make sure you have enough room.
  • Turn your regular hiking socks inside out as they are smoother on the outside, thus preventing friction. This is our personal favorite as it doesn’t require any extra supplies.
  • Pre-tape your hotspots with paper tape or blister-specific tape.
  • If you get blisters between your toes, you can splurge on the toes socks, but make sure your toe box is wide enough. The added bonus of toe socks is pedal dexterity that comes in handy to catch the toilet paper before it rolls down the hill. 
Toes socks! This may be an option for you. 

Stay tuned on what to do and NOT to do when you do get a blister.

Keep those feet happy and healthy! Jam Jam!