One of our hopes at Musa Masala is to help introduce people to the fun of trekking in Nepal. not only is this a beautiful country with many different environments to travel through, but culturally, Nepal is a wonder for exposing trekkers to the many different religions, tribes and cultural groups throughout the country. Lakpa Sherpa, along with Musa writer Ang Diku Sherpa and our friends Nwang Phuri Sherpa and Binu Rumdali Rai, took a quick break from their busy lives in Kathmandu to enjoy the trek around Gosaikunda Lake in Langtang National Park. Here is Lakpa’s post on their short and sweet trek.



I am Lakpa Sherpa, a board member of Peak Promotion, a trekking and climbing company. After the end of a very busy spring season, my friends and I went out searching for a short and sweet trek. Our team was energetic and inspiring. It consisted of guide Nwang Phuri Sherpa, Ang Diku Sherpa, Binu Rumdali Rai and me.



We wanted to check on the condition of the Gosaikunda route after the damage caused by the earthquake. Gosaikunda Lake is an alpine freshwater lake at around 4380m, located to the north of Kathmandu in the Langtang National Park in the Rasuwa district. It is one of the famous holy lakes in Nepal.



The starting point is a six to seven hour drive from Kathmandu at Syabrubeshi. Along the way, you pass through Singh Gompa, where you can visit a yak cheese factory. The trek itself is a peaceful journey through isolated Tamang and Hyalmu villages. The people were all very kind and generous. There were no problems finding good food or lodging. Before reaching the lake, you come to Lauribinaya. This area provides amazing opportunities to see views of the Langtang and Ganesh Himal ranges, including beautiful sunrises and sunsets!



Gosaikunda Lake is part of a whole complex of smaller lakes, or as many as 108. Every year during Janaipurnima (the day of the full moon), thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit to bathe in the lake. The belief is your prayers will come true from bathing in the near freezing high altitude water.


This trek was almost like a meditation, returning to Kathmandu we could feel refreshed, and all the tension dropped away. I would recommend this trek to anyone looking for a quick few days to enjoy the people and sights of Gosaikunda, beautiful vistas,  amazing lakes and a fun but not too strenuous hike.
— Lakpa Sherpa