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Buffology: Practical Uses for Buffs

Musa Masala would like to thank Douglas Burns for this awesome post on the humble buff. Often used to save voices and throats at Everest Base Camp, buffs have been proving themselves in the mountains for years. (The recycling of moist, humidified air from your lungs helps stave off the dreaded Khumbu cough.) Doug is

A Nurse’s View: Life in the ER During COVID-19

Travel nurse Linda Andrus is back on a plane on her way to the East Coast to work in another ER dealing with COVID-19. She graciously took some of her only free time to write down about her experiences at the outset of the virus in California. Linda has a written a stunning piece on

MacGyver EMS in the Time Of COVID-19: The Ellis Collapsible Isolation Box

Our world is rapidly changing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many medical workers are thinking outside-of-the-box in order to help patients. Here is a story about one of our team members who took that box and made it her own. Suzanne Cheree Ellis is a paramedic and one of our frontline workers responding to the coronavirus