All of us at Musa Masala are thrilled to invite you to an art show and silent auction during the WMS conference in Tahoe this week! The event will take place on Saturday, February 24th from 6-8pm, where attendees will have a chance to peruse the pieces and place bids.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit the construction of the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital in Nepal. The show will feature 20 artists and over 25 artworks, including paintings, limited edition prints, wilderness photography and autographed books. Scroll down to learn more and see a few of the available items, which were graciously donated by the artists.

If you attend the conference, please stop by the Musa Masala table throughout, where we’ll be selling conference-themed Musa Masala base-layer moisture-wicking activewear shirts and water bottles in handmade holders by Mykimoona.

Scroll down to see some of the featured artworks! To place a bid online, please visit us on Instagram (@MusaMasala) or Facebook (@MusaMasala2016).



Featured Artworks


“Deer in the Headlights” limited edition screen print by ​Aaron Johnson

21.75×21.75  27-color screen print, limited edition: “Deer in the Headlights” print  (3 available)

“Four Hikers,” 2017 — 19×24  original acrylic on paper by Aaron Johnson

11×17 fine art photography: “Chomolungma Above 27,000 feet, Pre-dawn Hillary Route, 2016” by Thom Pollard


21×30 signed print: “Into the Dawn” by Jennifer Lowe Anker 

9×9 Glass art untitled, 2 pieces by Michelle O Donnell, 

Denali Schmidt, 23×24 fine art watercolor print, “The Summit of Our Time #2. Part of the Peaks Inspirations Collection
The Denali Foundation, donated by Sequoia Schmidt

Stay tuned for more artworks and images! And remember to support the artists and place bids on Instagram: @MusaMasala.