All of us at Musa Masala are so excited to announce the successful completion by Olga Dobranowski of climbing Mt Ama Dablam in Nepal, solo and unassisted. After only spending a short time on the summit, Cycole Fani turned the conditions into a whiteout, so Olga stayed at camp 3 overnight then descended to Base Camp the following day in very poor weather conditions. She completed the climb in an astounding seven days, from Base Camp back to Base Camp.

This was Olga’s first trip to Nepal and she has been enjoying the company of the Musa crew at Wongchhu Peak Promotion. The coordination, logistics and timing to get Olga out and back in the short window that she had to climb before she had to return to her job as a physician speaks to the excellence of Wongchhu Peak Promotion’s excellent staff.

Olga was climbing to fund-raise for the Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital, which you can contribute to here.

We will soon share the full story on our site. Later, we talk about her other two solo climbs, of Aconcagua and Denali, in another post.

In the below video from Wonghhu Peak Promotion, Olga is on Nepal National Television speaking about her climb, the hospital, Musa Masala and her motivations and training.


We are so happy for you—Jam Jam, Olga!!

Olga Dobranowski celebrating her successful climb with the Wongchhu Peak Promotion team—and a very fancy mountain cake!