Welcome to the Musa Masala store! All t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug and tote-bag sales will help fund the publication of The Adventures of Musa Masala: Mountain Girl of the Himalayas, an illustrated book that tells the story of an orphan girl’s journey of self-discovery amid the world’s tallest mountains.

All proceeds from the book will benefit the construction of the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital in Khamdig, Nepal—the first and only hospital to serve the villagers of the Solu Khumbu district.

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Special promotional postcard featuring a panel from our forthcoming book
Backside of the postcard featuring a description of the Musa Masala book
For a donation of $40, you will receive 1 bandana, 1 Altitude Tips Card, 1 postcard and 5 stickers. To do so, contact us here!